Baracuda T3 – Suction Non-Mechanical

  • Disc Suction Cleaner
  • Efficient cleaning performance
  • Patented Twist & Lock hoses
  • Duralife™ Diaphragm technology
  • Suitable for all in-ground and above ground pools

Simple yet effective.

The Zodiac T3 is a simple yet highly effective disc suction pool cleaner. The Rotating Wheel Deflector allows for easy maneuverability around corners, steps and ladders. This lightweight and simple design (with only one moving part) make it a breeze to handle and operate, delivering an efficient pool cleaning performance.



  • Easy to use. Its light weight, sturdy and compact design makes it easy to operate.
  • Neighbour-friendly. Its modern Duralife diaphragm technology delivers powerful suction performance with a whisper-quiet operation.
  • Long Lasting. Built to the highest standards of manufacture, the T3 is a dependable and durable cleaner that will handle the tough cleaning job day in and day out without much concern.
  • All Surfaces. Suitable for all pool surfaces.
  • Corners, Steps and Ladders. Its rotating wheel deflector allows for fluid navigation around common obstacles.
  • Floor & Walls: Moves quickly around the pool. It’s well balanced design and adjustable flow regulator, allows it to climb walls effectively.
  • 2 Years Warranty.

Key Features

  • Duralife Diaphragm:  Made with strong reinforced outer ribbing for a snap action  pulse, the patented DuralifeTM diaphragm offers enhanced  durability and increased suction power for a cleaner and  brighter pool. It also provides whisper quiet operation that  won’t disturb your neighbours.
  • Rotating Wheel Deflector:  Enables fluid navigation around corners, steps and ladders.
  • Patented Twist & Lock Hose:  Provides a stronger connection between each length of hose improving water flow and increasing cleaning efficiency.

What’s In the Box:

  • 1x Zodiac T3 machine head with disc
  • 10x Genuine long life twist and lock hoses
  • 1x Hose weight
  • 1x Defelctor wheel
  • 1 AD flow valve
  • 1x Universal weir cuff
  • 1x Hose protector mesh
  • 1x Pool pulse
  • 1x Quick start manual

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