Is buying from Pool Express safe?

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We currently boast a rating on Google reviews of 4.9 stars – almost unheard of in our industry.

When purchasing from Pool Express (whether by Credit Card or PayPal), all clients instantly receive an email and transaction ID directly from PayPal.
If the item does not arrive (or you receive an incorrect item), you can contact PayPal Australia directly and they will refund your total purchase amount. This is much faster and easier than obtaining a “charge-back” from a credit card provider.

Why are our prices so much lower than pool shops?

Whereas your local pool shop and other online retailers deal with 10, 20 or even 100 of these items, we deal with thousands – allowing us to offer unbeatable savings.

Our systems are tightly integrated with an efficient and high volume production facility – Allowing for maximum efficiency. All while providing our clients with the highest available grade of Australian made covers.

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I am buying my first pool cover - Do I need a roller?

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Unless you have a small plunge pool (e.g., 4m x 2m), yes you will need a roller. Some cover retailers may tell you that this is optional, knowing full well that this is not really feasible.

Pool covers can offer pool owners many benefits. But to enjoy those benefits, you need a quick and easy method to remove the cover and then put it back on the pool later. 

What is "micron grade" and is it important?

The higher the micron grade number, the longer you can expect the cover to last.  It can also help a little in terms of heating performance. 

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The higher the micron grade, the more plastic material will be included in every square meter of the cover.  The greater the cover “body”, the more years you can expect the cover to  resist attack from pool chemicals.

That is why our higher micron grades have substantially longer warranty periods. Our covers focus most of the material in the bottom (bubble) layer – That is where oxidising pool chemicals (such as chlorine) first attack and gradually degrade a pool cover.

Beware however, the quality of materials is the most important durability factor. Two different covers (from different suppliers) that are the same micron grade may last for substantially different periods.


For example, even our 250 micron grade cover will easily outlast  an inferior 500 micron  grade cover imported from China (e.g., from eBay). The reason – Our covers use a superior formula and are manufactured to a higher quality standard.

How should I measure my pool?

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In most cases you simply need to measure the longest and widest wall-to-wall interior dimensions . Side steps / areas can be added.

Our factory can prepare covers in Rectangular, “L-Shapes” and the now very popular “T-Shapes”.  All those shapes can be accurately created and ordered from our Pool Cover Wizard page.

Free Aerial Measure – A free service – Performed via Nearmaps – a database of high resolution property images.  Surprisingly accurate  – If interested, click the “Aerial Measure” ad on the main page.

Why do we deliver your cover a little larger?

We aim to deliver your cover with an extra 100mm added to the perimeter. That is, around 200mm added to the overall length and width.

More than half our clients expect the cover to “curl-up” the walls slightly at the cover edges. This oversizing ensures adequate pool cover to achieve that option. It also allows for some minor cover shrinkage – Around 0.5% in the first weeks.

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Can normal people self install a cover & roller?

Cover Install
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Basic Cover Install

Roller assembly
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Roller Assembly

Kidney Install
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Trimming a Kidney

We sell thousands of these items to normal Australian pool owners each year. 99% of those buyers self install. 
This can save you hundreds of dollars installation costs compared to a local technician who might spend around 60 minutes on site.  They will likely also charge more for the cover itself.

Please take a look at the videos at the left to get an idea. 

If necessary, trimming the cover is performed very simply (using a sharp pair of scissors).  That applies to whether you are trimming 100mm on one side of the cover, or possibly more extensive shaping for “kidney” and complex pool designs.

Useful Tip – If you are replacing a cover that has a complex shape, consider using the old cover as a template. Lay the old cover over the new (maybe on the lawn) – Then follow the new cover with sharp scissors, using the old cover as a shape guide.

How do I deal with side steps and wide areas?

This is a very common situation – thousands of our clients deal with such situations on a daily basis. 

This is often required when you have an (extra) “side step” at the shallow end of the pool, but plan to install the roller at the narrower deep end. 


This situation is solved by simply “folding-over” the side section onto the main pool area before the cover is collected onto the roller. This process hardly adds much work or time and will never cause an issue or damage to the cover. 

This arrangement is also very common with “kidney pools” and “free-form” shapes – Where the cover needs to slide down past a narrow middle-point in order to reach the roller.

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How much warmer will be pool be with a cover?

Location Summer Spring
Melbourne + 4-7 C + 3-4 C
Sydney + 5-7 C + 3-4 C
Brisbane + 5-7 C + 4-5 C
Perth + 5-8 C + 4-5 C
Adelaide + 5-7 C + 4-5 C

Best answer : If this is your first cover, water temperature rise will likely be greater than you expect. Even if replacing an existing cover, our covers will still likely impress.

Certainly, if you are thinking about an electric heat pump, our pool cover is a  logical first step before you commit to such a large expense. 

Keep in mind, even a modest 4 degree temperature rise transforms a “Melbourne Pool” to a “Queensland Pool” – A much more tempting swim. Even in Brisbane or Perth, you will still add months and consistency to your swimming season. 

There may be certain times in the peak of summer where the pool gets too warm for some people – e.g., 7-8 degrees rise. Hardly a problem as you can simply remove the cover for a couple of days.

If I need to trim my cover, what is involved?

Trimming is sometimes necessary for a pool owner to achieve the final cover fit they prefer. Trimming is unavoidable with “kidney” pool shapes.

As tough and durable as these covers are, they are very simple to trim using a good pair of scissors – the sharper the better.  In fact, you can virtually “slice” the cover without much “scissor snipping”. Straight sections are particularly easy to trim if you simply follow the “bubble grid lines”.

cover trim 2

Scissor Slicing A Cover

How should the cover finish at the walls (edges)?

cover profile upcurl 1
cover profile no upcurl 1

Around 60% of our clients expect their cover to curl up the pool wall slightly at the cover edges.  That is the main reason we deliver the cover a little larger than your water dimensions. It ensures our clients have that “up curl” option. 

The main reason many prefer this “up-curl” – it can definitely help prevent leaves and debris from getting “around the cover edges” and into the pool. 

Other clients prefer a “straight cut” finish. Some pool owners believe this looks a little more tidy – especially on modern geometric pool shapes. 

Will a pool cover help with leaves? Yes, deffinitely

Without a pool cover, every single leaf falling onto the water area is “stuck” in the pool . Those collect and all this debris eventually needs to be dealt with (either by a  pool cleaner or by manual labour). 

A pool cover at least keeps these leaves above the water and “dry”. Much of that debris will blow away during the next windy day. A great option smart pool owners utilise : Use a garden blower to “blast” leaves down and then out of the pool. That is faster and more effective than any $3,000 robotic pool cleaner could ever achieve. 

cover leaf blower 1

Garden Blower Plus Pool Cover

Where does excess rainwater go - Is that a problem?

cover trim 3

If you have a “straight edge” finish (i.e., flat)  at the cover edges, rainwater will simply run over and around the cover.

If you have the cover curling-up the wall at its edges, simply create two 100mm slits in the cover edge in front of the skimmer box. The resulting “flat flap” will quickly drain excess rainwater to the skimmer box. 

Additionally, rainwater collected on top of the cover will normally evaporate and disappear when the pool is back in full direct sunlight. 

What is a "pro rata" warranty and how does that work?

A “pro rata” warranty starts off at 100% coverage, but then declines over time. For  example, if your cover fails in the first year, we will provide a replacement at zero expense to you.

If you have a 10 year warranty cover and it fails after 5 years, we will replace the cover at half the cost – we cover the other 50%.

pro rata graph 2

How do I get the maximum years from my pool cover?

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There are basic two things you need to observe in order to get the maximum life span from your cover :

  1. Keep an eye on your free chlorine readings – be careful not to overdose your pool with chlorine (whether you use a salt chlorinator or are manually dosing your pool).  Take the cover off the pool for at least 24hrs if you plan to super-chlorinate.
  2. If you are storing the cover on the roller for long periods in hot weather, make sure you place a protective UV over-cover on the roller. In warm and sunny conditions, the cover can quickly get very hot when off the water. Over-covers are provided with all our rollers. 
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All imported covers currently available on the market are produced at the lowest possible cost with no regard to long term durability.

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