Zodiac TX20 – Power Robotic Cleaner

  • Cleans floors and walls
  • Convenient, lightweight design
  • Effortless handing
  • Easy access filter canister
  • Energy efficient

Lightweight with an efficient cleaning performance.

The effortless and lightweight handling of the TX20 Tornax coupled with its agile operation delivers an extremely thorough clean of both floor and walls. It’s energy efficient and comes equipped with a top-access filter canister to make maintenance a breeze.



  • Extreme Clean: By combining robotic intelligence and powerful cleaning tools it delivers fantastic results in just under 2.5 hours.
  • Effortless Handling: Thanks to its large handle and incredibly lightweight body. At 5.5kg it is one of the lightest robots in the market.
  • Great Convenience:  Fitted with a top access filter canister that is easy to access and clean. No contact with debris is required.
  • Better Hygiene: Its powerful brushing helps prevent germination of algae and bacteria, and greatly reduces the need for using chemicals.
  • Saves Electricity: As it has its own power source and filtration system, it does not use, drains nor clog your pool filtration system and minimizes electricity use.
  • Improved Water Clarity: Without a suction cleaner attached to your pool skimmer, it is left free to skim the top of your pool. This increases the pool’s turnover rate, improving water clarity
  • Reliable & Easy to Use: Incredibly easy to operate. Plug & Play. Fully Automated. Zodiac’s industry-leading track record of reliability and warranty support.
  • 2  Year Zodiac Warranty

Key Features

A multi-functional robotic floor cleaner that scrubs, sucks, and filters for glistening pool perfection.

With one button to start, one cleaning cycle and one button filter release, the Tornax TX20 takes the hassle out of pool cleaning.

TX20 is packed chock-full of functionality including a Caterpillar track drive system, Real Zodiac® software and three integrated safety systems.

What’s In the Box:

  • Robotic cleaner with a 14m cable and a 200-micron filter canister
  • e-Box control box
  • Quick start guide and warranty card
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