Zodiac Ei-2 Mid Salt Chlorinator

Designed with the gentle art of relaxation in mind, the Ei2 chlorinator is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain giving you more time to perfect your relaxation techniques.

  • Low maintenance – reversing electrode
  • Robust and durable – long-life power supply
  • Easy-to-use controls – with set-and-forget timers
  • Easy to install – Even easier if you are replacing a Zodiac system with a D-series cell – The new cell will screw straight onto the existing couplings



  • 25 grams equivalent chlorine output per hour
  • Reverse polarity electrolytic cells
  • Services pools up to 70,000 L
  • Easy to use controls & display
  • ‘Check Salt’ Indicators
  • 40mm or 50mm plumbing connections
  • Reverse polarity electrolytic cells
  • Multispeed functionality
  • High Reliability – Greatly improved over earlier systems
  • Both summer and off-season running times can be set
  • Cell’s inlet and outlet pipes set at 225mm centres – The same as nearly all other Zodiac Systems
  • Intelligent Self – Cleaning operation. Sophisticated controls with built in diagnostics


An entry level system from Zodiac – Yet with the latest technology, good build quality and all the required basic functions.

This system marries the latest technology controller with the very popular Zodiac D-Series cell – As used on in systems such as the LM2, LM Express and EL1

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