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One Pool Cover - Many Benefits

A cover will offer all pool owners multiple benefits. The durability of our covers means you can enjoy these benefits for years to come.
A summary of the main benefits will include those shown below:

To enjoy those benefits you will need a good and reliable roller in order to deal with the cover on a daily basis. We offer a range of well designed and thoroughly tested roller models to suit various pool sizes and design style preferences.

A longer and more enjoyable swimming Season

Almost total elimination of evaporation water loss

A longer and more enjoyable swimming Season

The gain in average water temperature can transform how your pool is used. You can start swimming much earlier in the swimming season (and also much later).

You will also be tempted to use your pool much more often during the regular swimming season.

Almost total elimination of evaporation water loss

Most Australian pools suffer serious daily water loss from evaporation, especially during summer.
A good cover will almost eliminate evaporative water loss altogether (by around 98%).  This not only saves cost, it saves work and stress having to constantly monitor the pool’s water level during dry periods.

Less work dealing with leaves
Maybe use a garden blower

Reduced chemical and treament expenses

Less work dealing with leaves
Maybe use a garden blower

A pool cover can make a dramatic difference to the work of dealing with leaves. A pool cover will keep leaves “above the pool” and out of the water.

If leaves do not just later “blow away” in the next strong wind, you might just “blast these away” occasionally with a garden blower. Not even an option without a cover.

Reduced chemical and treament expenses

You can expect a cover to eventually pay for itself from savings on other pool costs.  Putting a cover on a pool is one-step away from having an indoor pool. 

With care, you can certainly reduce filter running times, chlorine dosage and other chemical requirements. 

pool illustration final 05

How does a pool actually loose heat?

Cover Heat loss Pie Chart Graphfull- 2

Your pool will gain significant heating from the effect of sunlight simply striking our pool cover.  But further heat gain benefits result from the ability to “retain heat”.

Most pool owners do not realise how much pools can “chill” every day (and especially overnight) by heat lost from evaporation alone.

Worsening the situation – the warmer you pool gets, the greater the evaporation and heat loss.  Water temperatures far lower than ideal are the natural result.

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All imported covers currently available on the market are produced at the lowest possible cost with no regard to long term durability.

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