First time cover installation? - Maybe easier than you think

We sell thousands of these items to normal Australian pool owners each year. Around 99% of those buyers self install their covers (and rollers). 

This is a straight forward job and it is worth taking your time to achieve an excellent result. If you are purchasing one of our higher grade covers, this maybe a job you may not repeat for another decade. 

This can save you hundreds of dollars installation costs compared to a local technician who might spend around 60 minutes on site.  They will certainly also  charge more for the cover (and roller).

Cover Install
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Basic Cover Install

Roller assembly
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Basic Cover Install

Kidney Install
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Trimming a Kidney

Installation is especially easy for rectangular a modern geometric pool shapes. 

If necessary, trimming the cover is performed very simply (using a sharp pair of scissors).  That applies to whether you are trimming 100mm on one side of the cover, or possibly more extensive shaping for “kidney” and complex pool designs.

Useful Tip – If you are replacing a cover that has a complex shape, consider using the old cover as a template. Lay the old cover over the new (maybe on the lawn) – Then follow the new cover with sharp scissors, using the old cover as a shape guide.

Replacing an Existing Cover - What about Connecting to the Roller?

Connecttions Icon 3

If you simply order a pool cover alone, we will automatically dispatch this with a set of hardware that will assist in connecting to your existing roller. 10 x connection sets are included. That is a free inclusion, normally valued at $35.00
The eyelets, cords and hole punch will help you to connect the new pool cover to virtually any type or brand of existing roller.

How should the cover finish at the walls (edges)?

cover profile upcurl 1
cover profile no upcurl 1

Around 60% of our clients expect their cover to curl up the pool wall slightly at the cover edges.  That is the main reason we deliver the cover a little larger than your water dimensions. It ensures our clients have that “up curl” option. 

The main reason many prefer this “up-curl” – it can definitely help prevent leaves and debris from getting “around the cover edges” and into the pool. 

Other clients prefer a “straight cut” finish. Some pool owners believe this looks a little more tidy – especially on modern geometric pool shapes. 

If I need to trim my cover, what is involved?

Trimming is sometimes necessary for a pool owner to achieve the final cover fit they prefer. Trimming is unavoidable with “kidney” pool shapes.

As tough and durable as these covers are, they are very simple to trim using a good pair of scissors – the sharper the better.  In fact, you can virtually “slice” the cover without much “scissor snipping”. Straight sections are particularly easy to trim if you simply follow the “bubble grid lines”.

cover trim 2

How do I deal with side steps and wide areas?

This is a very common situation – thousands of our clients deal with such situations on a daily basis. 

This is often required when you have an (extra) “side step” at the shallow end of the pool, but plan to install the roller at the narrower deep end. 


This situation is solved by simply “folding-over” the side section onto the main pool area before the cover is collected onto the roller. This process hardly adds much work or time and will never cause an issue or damage to the cover. 

This arrangement is also very common with “kidney pools” and “free-form” shapes – Where the cover needs to slide down past a narrow middle-point in order to reach the roller.

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All imported covers currently available on the market are produced at the lowest possible cost with no regard to long term durability.

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