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Premium Australian Made Cover Solutions
We offer the highest quality and most durable pool cover solutions that target the demanding needs of Australian pool owners.

Water Pattern Solar Pool Cover

Pool Tex Blue – Formal Pool with Side Step

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Australian Materials and Production

Rest assured – Our covers are made locally from Australian materials.

All imported covers currently available in the market place are produced at the lowest possible cost – they are inferior in every regard – Average product lifespan is around 2 years or even less.

Producing Custom Covers Soon in NZ

New Zealanders currently pay more than double our prices, even for inferior covers. Shipping these large items across the Tasman is not practical.

So starting in 2022, we will offer production and dispatch from Auckland to all areas of north and south island.

Floating Solar Cover Vs. Tie Down Covers?

Below is a summary of what we believe are the main things that distinguish one cover type from the other :

Issue for Pool Owners Floating Solar Cover Tie Down Mesh Cover
Time to Place / Remove 2 minutes 25 minutes
Increase in Water Temperature Substantial Modest
Reduction in Evaporation 98% 50%
Compatible with Roller Yes No
Protection from Leaves 75% 100%
Price for an 8m x 4m Pool $300 - $600 $1,500
Best For Pool Owners Who Need : Heating, Evaporation
Prevention and Easy
Daily Use With A Roller
Total Protection,
Sealing the Pool for
Weeks or Months
at a time
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Worth Noting – One cover type does not replace the other. They offer different benefits at different times of the year. Most clients who purchase a tie-down cover also have a floating cover.  The tie down cover is used for longer periods outside the swimming season.