Zodiac LM3-40 Salt Chlorinator

15 years latter and Zodiac LM3 is likely still the most singularly popular self cleaning chlorinator for Australian Pools.

  • Proven and reliable,
  • Suits pool volumes up to 120,000L – Chlorine Output (Gas): 40 gm/hr
  • Equivalent Granular (Gas) Chlorine produced in 8 hours: 490g
  • One button super chlorination function
  • The LED output meter allows you to monitor performance – a feature missing from most systems on the market



  • Set and forget operation
  • Advanced electrode technology for maximum sanitation
  • Self cleaning cell
  • Super Chlorinate function to boost chlorine levels
  • Digital time switch for continuous and automatic operation
  • Simple touchpad controls
  • Easy installation
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance
  • Covered by Zodiac Warranty and backed by Clearwater Technology


The Zodiac LM3 salt water chlorinator allows you to set and forget yourlevel of chlorine output. For periods of heavy bather load, or extremetemperatures, a simple Super Chlorinate function will make keeping yourpool sanitised simple.

Boost your chlorine output with one press of the Super Chlorinatebutton.The LM3 will automatically adjust itself back to pre-set levelsafter 24 hours

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