Cover Quality - Why it Matters

Inferior quality covers deteriorate surprisingly early, often requiring replacement every 18-36 months.

In the long term, this turns out to be much more expensive than investing in a cover that will last the better part of a decade.

For most pool owners, purchasing and installing a new cover is laborious and far from enjoyable. Naturally, this should be avoided every 2-3 years.

Furthermore, inferior covers can rapidly break down in their final 6 months of life, shedding thousands of plastic fragments. This creates a significant mess for pool owners to deal with.

Cover Quality - How Other Covers Fail Early

While various pool covers may appear similar, such as “blue plastic bubbles,” they can be made from substantially different ingredients. This significantly impacts the cover’s performance and durability.

Our covers utilize an optimal combination of anti-oxidants (to resist damage from pool chemicals) and UV inhibitors (for years of protection in outdoor sunlight).

Each brand of pool covers has its own distinctive bubble profile, which plays a crucial role in determining its lifespan.

Our bubble design is optimized for performance and maximum durability, a level of detail often overlooked by other manufacturers.

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To save costs, inferior covers often employ overly rapid manufacturing techniques and pay little attention to quality control. This compromise typically leads to lower cover quality and durability.

The material formulation of our covers, particularly the anti-oxidants, results in a high-quality and consistent product after the high-temperature molding and formation process.

Based on our experience, all Australian-made pool covers are significantly more reliable than imported covers, which are primarily sourced from China, such as through eBay.

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with products made in China. However, when it comes to pool covers, these products are manufactured at the lowest possible expense, resulting in severely compromised quality. Such covers should be treated as “semi-disposable,” requiring frequent replacement, accompanied by substantial work and mess each time.

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All imported covers currently available on the market are produced at the lowest possible cost with no regard to long term durability.

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