Kidney Pools - Measuring

Depending on the shape and curvature of your “kidney” shaped pool  (or similar shapes), you will either obtain a simple rectangular cover or possibly an “L-Shaped” cover.

An “L-Shaped” cover is wider at one end  compared to the other end. Such an option  can often save 10-20% material wastage and cost. This image shows an example of how a professional might measure a kidney shape for pool cover purchasing purposes.

kidney measure 4

Already have a cover? Use that as a trimming template

If you are replacing and existing cover, we recommend that you lay the new cover on the lawn, and lay the old cover over that. Then simply trim the new cover with scissors, using the old cover as a template. 

kidney trim 1

If you are installing your first cover on a kidney pool, the following video may be helpful. 

Play Video

Kidney Pools - Roller location options

Rather than locate the roller at the very end of the pool, kidney shaped pools often have the roller located partly over the water. That can help more easily lift the cover off the water and onto the roller. The optimal location may take some trial and error.

Kidney Pools - Further Tip

kidney inside 2

You might plan to have an up-curl effect at the cover edges (e.g., to help deal with leaves). With kidney shaped pools, it may be advisable to exclude that effect from the “inside curve”.

That can prevent to cover moving side-to-side when being collected onto the roller. As with other aspects of kidney shaped pool covers, some trial and error may be required. If the cover shifts to the side while being collected, some extra trimming may be required on the inside curve.

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All imported covers currently available on the market are produced at the lowest possible cost with no regard to long term durability.

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