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Welcome to Pool Express
Our simple goal - to offer you amazing prices on the
most popular pool equipment. Our speed and service
will impress and we hope to see you back soon.
Daisy Pool Covers
The benefits of owning a pool cover are tremendous.
But which brand to buy? We champion Australia's most
popular and respected brand of pool cover, Daisy.
The Baracdua Pool Cleaner
A pool cleaner should save you work, not create work
by breaking down. Simplicity equals reliability. That's
why we love the super reliable Baracuda pool cleaner.
Zodiac Clearwater Salt Chlorinators
When selecting a salt chlorinator, it pays to choose a
famous brand with a great national warranty. That's
why we recommend the Zodiac Salt Chlorinator range.
Maximise the Life of Your Chlorinator
We suggest clients ensure they purchase an extra
powerful salt chlorinator. This will not only sanitise your
pool faster, it will add years to the chlorinator's life.
A Pool Cover & Heavy Leaf Loads
Keeping leaves on top of the pool cover (and out of
the water), means that they can blow away with the
next gust of wind - Less Work for your Pool Cleaner.
Can You Really Install a Pool Cover ?
Many thousands of our clients install heir own pool
covers and rollers. Our installation videos are a
"must see" and explains the process thoroughly.
Warranties - What if I need help ?
Service is often as convenient as you're nearest local
warranty agent. Clients can contact our help desk and
we'll happily help with all such issues.
Delivery - We Really Mean Express
Stock items such as pool cleaners and chlorinators
are dispatched within 12 working hours of order. Most
clients receive their goods in only 1-2 business days.
What if I Need Installation Help?
Our expert staff are on hand to answer questions
regarding the installation of your pool cleaner, salt
chlorinator, pool cover or pool pump.
Custom Pool Covers - Delivery Times
Preparing and delivering your pool cover takes a little
over a week for most locations. Importantly, you don't
need to be home for when the pool cover arrives.
Chlorinator Replacement Cells
We offer great prices on replacement cells for the
most popular salt chlorinator models on the Australian
market. Simply click on "Chlorinator Parts" category.
The Zodiac Leaf Catcher
Most of our pool cleaners are supplied with the Zodiac
Leaf Eater. It not only traps leaves, but also ensures
this debris doesn't slow down your pool cleaner.
The Intelligent Self-CleaningChlorinator
We currently offer amazingly low prices on Australia's
best value self cleaning salt chlorinator. It's powerful,
simple to use and covered under a national warranty.
We're the No.1 Online Pool Cover Dealer
Selecting a pool cover on this website is both easy and
informative. Hence, we are Australia's favourite choice
amongst discerning pool owners choosing to buy online.
Order Tracking - Our Exclusive Service
When ordering "off the shelf" items a pool cleaner
or salt chlorinator, clients automatically receive
an online tracking number on the day of dispatch.
Zodiac Clearwater -A Global Success
Did you know that Zodiac Clearwater chlorinator models
are the most popular range in the world? Manufactured
in Melbourne, it's an Aussie success story.
Onga Pool Pumps at Low Prices
When it comes to pool equipment, we only deal in
the famous brands with great national warranties.
Check our specials on onga pumps under "Pool Pumps".
Aquasphere Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator, Pool Saltwater Chlorinators
Barracuda Swimming Pool Cleaners, Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner
Daisy Pool Cover, Solar Pool Covers, Pool Blanket
KD Pools, Solar Pool Covers, Pool Blankets
Pool Heat Pumps, Pool Heating, Swimming Pool Heaters
Zodiac Clearwater Salt Chlorinators, Pool Saltwater Chlorinator

Why use Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner Pool Cleaners
Most any brand of pool cleaner will vacuum up leaves. So why do we recommend Zodiac Baracuda ?

With no mechanical parts, its the most reliable pool cleaner around. Because parts are widely sold, you wont be stuck with a useless
pool cleaner in the future........
Use of Pool Covers Solar Pool Covers
A pool cover can have an amazing effect on your water temperature and length of swimming season.

Pool covers almost eliminate water loss by evaporation. Also, leaves and debris are stopped at the pool cover where they can blow away
with the next gust of wind........
Use of Salt Chlorinator Salt Chlorinators
A salt chlorinator is a must for any pool and Zodiac Clearwater is Australia's most popular brand.

First of all, a salt chlorinator will save you considerable time and money. Moreover, a chlorinator will actually sanitize your pool
better than traditional chlorine..

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