3D modeling and renders of Roller (product images)

There are no design documents – this modelling is all by visual inspection and common sense. 

  1. Once the basic model is prepared, 3 hero angles will be agreed upon and photorealistic renders generated for those angle in the original Stainless Steel, plus 3 new colours (see below) 
  2. Current models have a 75mm diameter main aluminium tube – New CAD model however will show a 100mm diameter tube
  3.  Assume square tubing for end frames is 40mm x 40mm
  4. When uncertain of anything, simply ask (I will reply immediately).
pegesus dims 1

Previous 3D Models

New Colours in Addition to the Existing Stainless Steel

Satin Black


Shale Grey (Colourbond)

Colour Values
CMYK : 10 4 11 26
RGB : 189 191 186

General Modal Popups

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